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Relational Revival….We all have a story…

In the journey of revival we have seen many manifestations of His presence touch so many souls.  The Toronto Blessing that began in January of ’94 was a move of God in renewal and revival that totally changed our lives.  I was a pastor on staff at a church of 6,000 members. Very comfortable in the position and ministry.  I had NO clue of the renewal and revival happening in Toronto, and not a clue of what was to come.  In 1997…3 years into the outpouring at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, an elder in our church and his wife began telling us of this happening.  I honestly didn’t really connect with any of it, as I was busy doing “the work” of the ministry.  However, a new thing was being launched in Toronto called “ministry teams”.  Our church was growing and I thought it an interesting concept that we should look into.  We flew to Toronto to observe the ministry teams, and had no clue what we were in for.  Our 12 year old daughter, Alyse, had injured her knee in dance and was on crutches.  She joined us for this trip.  I did NOT like what I saw happening in the meetings there.  People were “out of control” laughing, crying, and shouting.  I thought this was totally out of order.  After all, the Bible does tell us to let all things be decent and in order…..right?   One night, my daughter stood on the ministry lines…..and as the ministry team prayed for her…along with a large group of South Koreans visiting the renewal…her knee was healed.  I did not know what to think!  Long story short…(will write a book about all this someday)  I also ended up encountering God in a new and refreshing way.  This was at the beginning of our journey.  A journey of diving in the river of God not knowing where it would take us.  Today, after so many years, we can say we have a deep love for God and heart to see revival in the land.  However, recently, the Lord spoke to my heart that we are moving into a season of RELATIONAL REVIVAL.  He is restoring relationships, and reviving fellowship.  More on this later.  My prayer is that God will bring a fresh outpouring that will restore our ability to win souls and minister through relational ministry.  Come Holy Spirit, and impact our hearts for YOU and for ONE ANOTHER.